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9. Finishing - the entire process of covering the pad areas having a thin layer of solder to organize the board for the eventual wave soldering or reflow soldering procedure that will happen at a later time following the components are placed.

10. Silk Screening - the entire process of using the markings for component designations and component outlines to the board. Can be placed on just the top side or to both sides if components are installed on both top and bottom edges.

11. Routing - the process of splitting multiple panels from a panel of identical panels; this technique also permits cutting notches or slots to the board if needed.

12. Quality Control - a inspection that is visual of boards; can also be the process of inspecting wall surface quality for plated through holes in multilayer boards by cross-sectioning or other practices.

13. Electrical Testing - the entire process of checking for continuity or shorted connections in the panels by means using a voltage between different points on the board and determining if your present movement happens. Dependant on the board complexity, this process may require a specifically created test fixture and test program to integrate utilizing the test that is electrical employed by the board maker.
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So, there it is had by you, a finished string of solar panels you can make use of. Exactly how many strings of cells you compensate per panel depends on exactly what voltage you are aiming for. Building a DIY solar power is enjoyable and that can conserve money, but make no mistake, there is work involved. You'll go for simply purchasing your solar power from the shelf, but if expense is really a factor and you have persistence, a DIY solar power is not a project that is difficult.

Solder fumes from soldering using solder that is rosin-cored cause asthma. You should always try and avoid exposure to any substances which could cause asthma. If that is not fairly practicable, control short and term that is long to prevent asthma developing by installing LEV (neighborhood exhaust ventilation or fume extraction). If a person develops asthma that is occupational also really low degrees of solder fumes floating around can trigger an assault.

Whenever solder flux is heated above 183 Deg. C, (or maybe more for Lead complimentary) a mixture that is complex of acid particulates (smoke) and gases are generated - this is certainly called 'COLOPHONY' and it is made out of Hand Soldering, Solder Pots and Fountains, Wave Solder devices and Reflow Ovens